DataBankPro is a backup solution with capabilties for businesses of any size.

Most businesses in the world have some sort of backup plan in place to protect and maintain data generated on a daily basis.  Nearly all of the backups today still involve saving the backup to a local computer, server, or even on tape!  DataBankPro offers a new solution:  Instantaneous backups to a large super rendundant server farm presence on the Internet.  The idea is a basically simple one, but management of the backups has been too difficult to master, until now.

The DataBankPro management system does everything for you.

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                        Create your own personalized backup environment. 
                        Administrate with instant access by Internet from anywhere in the world.

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     Main Features

  • International online backup server technology.  Servers in Chicago, Boston, Houston, and Singapore.
  • Pull TriggerÒ data save technology, backups are pulled to the backup server rather than pushed.
  • Any size company is easily accommodated, from the smallest home office to the world's largest International Enterprise
  • Five terabytes of storage available now with RAID 5 stripe on every server.
  • Every type of file supported, every file known in the entire world of computing.
  • Webpage backups: CSS and Apache Server backups are standard.
  • Incremental updates occur up to the second, 24 hours a day.  Instant testing and file matching are built in.
  • 128bit or 256bit Encryption to match your existing security method.
  • Perfect for attorneys, doctors, SOHOs, restaurants, import export, point of sale... the list is endless.
  • More storage space added every week, with 100% redundancy occuring within .001 milliseconds (5103kb/sec)

"DataBankPro is the world's best way to keep your encrypted data backed up. 

DataBankPro is an ingenious backup technology that runs dynamically across the entire business enterprise, yet maintains perfectly current and instantantaeously redundant."

Mark Goslinger 

Securinty Analysis Manager
Internet Banking Enterprise Lead

Maybank Private Banking
1 Maybank Center
24th Floor, Private Banking

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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